We offer you the best professional service

  • Buying and Selling, Transfer, Assignment, Exchange
  • Mortgage processing
  • Property Registry and Cadastre: Simple notes, registrations, certifications, cancellations of liens, etc.
  • Inheritance and Donation procedures
  • Rentals / Annual Renting
  • Management of Property Owners' Communities
  • Management of apartments, houses, and commercial premises
  • Expert appraisals and Real Estate Valuations
  • Habitability Certificates, Energy Efficiency Certificates, and Blue Bulletins
  • N.I.E. (Foreigner Identification Number) and Certificates for Community Residents
  • Wealth and Income Declarations
  • Verifications, Services, and Formalities
  • Market and Investment Studies
  • ALLIANZ Insurance Agent
  • Repairs and Maintenance - Real Estate Refurbishments - Swimming Pools
  • Authorized collaborator of SECURITAS DIRECT

Judicial appraisals and Real Estate Valuations

If you need to carry out any type of real estate appraisal or valuation, do not hesitate to contact us so that we can present you with a non-binding proposal for appraisal fees.

Our appraisals range from market value assessments to appraisals in incidents related to buildings, as well as disputes related to property purchases, divorces, or inheritances of real estate, among other topics. We can intervene in all types of judicial processes in which the subject of controversy is related to a real estate property.

  • Buying or selling a home
  • Buying or selling a commercial property
  • Buying or selling land for real estate development
  • Deciding on real estate capital investments
  • Knowing the value of your assets for property separation
  • Knowing the value of your assets for matrimonial separation or divorce
  • Allocating lots of real estate assets in the will
  • Part appraisals in any type of judicial procedure
  • Establishing rights of usufruct, use, and habitation
  • Establishing rights of transfer and preemptive rights in leases
  • Any judicial matters where the judge determines the intervention of a real estate appraiser, whether as a third-party expert or appointment as a sole judicial expert
  • Expert contradictory appraisal for the Tax Agency
  • Any other matters where valuation is beneficial