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Working with APIALIA has only advantages


Advantages for the seller

When the owner of a property entrusts a real estate company belonging to an APIALIA commercial group with the management of the sale of his property, he will be simultaneously entrusting this sale to all the real estate companies belonging to the group. All of them will be able to spread the word about this property given that it is captured through the shared exclusive formula.

- A single point of sale.
- Few real estate agencies at your service.
- Little diffusion of the sales order.
- Realtors do not get involved at 100%.
- Few potential buyers.

- More real estate agencies will offer their properties.
- Greater diffusion of the sale of your property.
- Realtors trained in real estate marketing (CRS).
- More potential buyers for your property.
- Faster sales period.

Advantages for the buyer

From the real estate companies belonging to the commercial groups APIALIA, the buyer will access a wide range of properties in the fastest, most convenient and easiest way. With a visit to a single real estate agency, the opportunities to find the property you are looking for will multiply, and in addition, shared exclusives maintain the same prices and conditions, regardless of the real estate agency you work with. This implies greater transparency of the real estate market which always benefits the costumer.

- Limited geographic area.
- Reduced offer of properties.
- Few realtors at your disposal.

- Prices adjusted to the market.
- More offices at your service.
- More offers of properties.
- Realtors trained in real estate marketing (CRS).
- More realtors at your disposal.

We are the commercial groups of the API collective. We collaborate and share the exclusive sales orders of the properties that each of the real estate agencies capture, managing the properties together. We work under the same code of ethics, the same work procedures and we provide better advice to the client, always seeking their satisfaction.

- Our realtors are trained in the latest marketing trends adapted to the real estate sector.

- Open days: we prepare visits of our realtors to your property to get to know it better.

- You will not have to visit many real estate agencies: by visiting one, you will visit them all.

- Commitment to service: among all the real estate agencies belonging to the APIALIA commercial groups, we review the offers daily to optimize their sale to the maximum.

- We guarantee that your property will have the same price in all the real estate agencies of the APIALIA groups.

- Maximum legal security for the buyer, as there is an exclusive sales order for each property.

- All our realtors belong to the API group and are registered in the Register of Real Estate Agencies of Catalonia (AICAT) and have Civil Liability insurance (coverage of €775,000) and Surety (coverage of €60,000).