• Allianz Auto Plus

Car insurance Auto Plus from 160 € / year

With a large variety of coverages, Allianz Auto Plus protects you against risky situations for your vehicle, your life and that of your own, and covers the liabilities derived from the insured beyond the Mandatory Civil Liability

✓ Repair or replacement of the material damages suffered by your vehicle and its accessories or the replacement of the same when they are destroyed as a result of the collision against another vehicle.

✓ Medical care’s abroad, for you and the members of your family in your home even if you do not travel in the insured car.

✓ Assistance in traveling either nationally or internationally, 24 hours a day and every day of the year through a telephone exchange where the insured can request such benefit.

✓ Compensation to a third person for damages caused when you are responsible for them as a result of driving bicycles (including electric) and electric scooters (compensation limited to 1 million euros).

✓ Compensation for a capital of € 100,000 in the event of death of the authorized driver, permanent physical disability (with a capital of € 5,000 to adapt the vehicle and € 30,000 to adapt the home)

Definition of Coverages
Depending on the contracted modality you will have the peace of having covered the following situations:
Material Damages:

✓ Damage claim

✓ Theft

✓ Own damages

✓ Breaking of crystals

✓ Fire and explosion

✓ Phenomena of nature

✓ Collision with hunting animals

Civil Liability:

✓ Mandatory Civil Liability

✓ Complementary Civil Liability


✓ Damages compensation

✓ Driver accident and personal injury

✓ Assistance to people and their vehicle

✓ Interest on the loan to repair the vehicle

✓ Advice of traffic fines

✓ Driving license removal or loss of points

✓ Replacement vehicle and Excellent Services