Allianz Owner Community

Allianz Communities take care of the building of neighborhood communities like nobody else does, with extendable coverages to their own private homes, such as glass breakage or water damage.

Protecting your home is very important, therefore, protect the building in which you live too. If you are looking for a complete, simple and effective insurance for communities, in Allianz, we offer you the most complete coverages. All our insurance for communities have:

- Material damage

- Assistance in case of incident

- Water damage

- Glass breakage

- Leaks from the walls

Basic Coverages

  1. A) Edification.

Fire, Theft, Civil Liability -except for the action of water, Vandalism and others.

  1. C) Assistance (included in all policies).
  2. D) Counseling and Legal Provision

Optional Coverages

  1. E) Water Action and Civil Liability derived from it (communal or communal and privative)
  2. F) Glass breakage (communal or communal and privative)
  3. G) Breakdown of machinery and electronic devices
  4. H) Claim for non-payment of community fees.
  5. I) Expenses for unclogging community pipes.

Insurable assets

Allianz Community guarantees are developed on the basis of a comprehensive set of the assets that make up the building to be insured, structured into the following headings:

  1. a) The foundations, structure, walls, ceilings, floors, covers, doors, windows and other construction elements, including glass, of:

- The building.

- The dependencies, such as garages, parking spaces, storage rooms, and similar that are located on the same property.

  1. b) The walls and other independent enclosures.
  2. c) The pipelines, installations, machinery and fixed service appliances integrated into the construction: water, gas, electricity, heating, cooling, solar energy, sanitation, telephone, alarms, radio, television and other communications.
  3. d) Elevators and lifts.

e) Pools and other recreational and / or sports facilities (As long as they are declared in the policy).

  1. f) The decorative elements permanently incorporated into the buildings, such as; paint, parquet, carpet, wallpaper or built-in cupboards.
  2. g) Communal property furniture, as well as tools, utilities and supplies for community service.