Allianz Boats

Allianz Boats is an innovative product. Thought and designed to give flexible and customized responses to the most varied and demanding that the owners and users of recreational boats may have.

Advantages of Allianz Boats:

  1. An offer of up to 15 optional contracting guarantees through three different subscription modalities: Basic, Premier and Plus.
  2. In Civil Liability, several options are offered for compensation limits, in addition to the compulsory insurance. 
  3. The damage claim coverage can be hired and we anticipate compensation. 
  4. The insured value is the actual value of the boat. 
  5. You can contract with or without a franchise and choose between several options. 
  6. Partial damage claims are settled at a new replacement value regardless of the age of the boat. 
  7. English conditions (Institute Yacht Clauses) can be hired for all boats whose insured value exceeds 18,000 euros. 
  8. Allianz Boats offers a unique coverage in the market: towing at sea for any cause. The rest of the products that compete in the market only include a cover of 
    “ground assistance”. 
  9. Foreign flagged boats with a base port in Spain can be insured. 
  10. The price of Allianz Boats is really competitive. 

In addition to these advantages, Allianz Seguros offers a permanent disposition to attend to any specific need of each client. Our goal is to provide you with the 
final product that you really need. Allianz Boats is, due to the breadth of coverage, contracting flexibility, price and service, a star product and a reference in 
the national insurance market. 

Contracting Modalities

  • Basic Modality.
  • Premier Modality.
  • Plus Modality.

The Basic Modality includes the minimum coverage required by any recreational boat to comply with current legislation. The Premier and Plus modalities include, in 
addition to the basic coverages contained in the Basic Modality, a wide range of freely contracted services, relating to both civil liability and personal injury, 
assistance, accidents, etc. 

Insured Risks

Basic Modality

  • Mandatory Civil Liability according to Royal Decree 607/1999.
  • Legal Assistance and Bails.

Premier Modality

In addition to the risks of the Basic Modality (Compulsory CR + Legal Assistance and Bails), the Premier Modality allows the hiring of the following risks:

  • Voluntary Civil Liability with two insured sum options.
  • Claim for Damages and Advancement of Compensation.
  • Occupants Personal Accidents
  • Reimbursement of Towing Expenses at sea
  • Ground Assistance.

Plus Modality

The basic coverage package that makes up the Plus Modality is made up of the risks of Compulsory CR, Voluntary CR, Legal Assistance and Bonds. In addition, in this 
modality another series of risks framed in two independent and differentiated contracting structures can be hired: 

  • Plus Modality with Spanish Conditions.
  • Total Loss + Removal of Remains.
  • Partial Damages.
  • Personal effects.
  • Expansion of Socio-Political Acts.
  • Plus Modality with English Conditions
  • Institute Yacht Clauses.
  • Institute War & Strikes Yachts (expansion of coverage for war risks and strikes).