Transfer esthetic

Type of housing
  • Business transfer

Local located in Dr. Arruga Street, 38 Roses. It consists of 45 m2 approximately distributed in reception, 2 cabins, toilet, office and storage attics.
Cabin 1 has sink with sensor to not touch the tap, hygienic measures. Camilla, recliner chair, 2 stools, L600 photoepilation machine. Ideal to treat all skin and hair phototype. Very good results. Access to the shop window through a small door with LED lighting
Cabin 2 ideal for relaxing treatments. Equipped with shower, stretcher with storage and LPG endermology machine. Ideal to treat cellulite and localized fat. It also drains and is ideal as a muscle recovery and toning. Results visible from the 1st session. Highly recommended and used by physiotherapists for massage. It has a complementary LED lighting system with a computer for chromotherapy. The roof is formed by a system of guides that holds a canvas to give an indirect white light and if it is collected we enjoy white light for work.
Reception with minimalist design. Computer, printer, 42 "TV, storage ...
The office is equipped with washing machine, dryer, refrigerator, microwave and hot water thermos for all rooms.
Toilet with WC and washbasin. Faucets with sensor.
The whole center has piped music, air conditioning with heat pump and electric security shutter.
It includes a hot and warm wax hair removal machine and a small facial. High frequency, lathe for pedicure, 2 lamps for permanent enamelling, ozone vapor, tooling for manicure and pedicure.
Stock of both cabin and resale and disposable cosmetics. Interesting client portfolio since 1999.